10 Top Iot App Development Companies In US, India, UK, Canada To Transform Your Business [2022 List]

Author: Sara Sharma
March 2, 2022
10 Top Iot App Development Companies In US, India, UK, Canada To Transform Your Business [2022 List]


Close your eyes for a moment and think of connecting and controlling everyday essentials with the help of the internet!

It sounds like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

In this digital era, it is possible there are IoT crowned applications that are making life easy every day. According to a source, 83% of businesses have enhanced their efficiency by using IoT technologies.

Since there are a lot of benefits entailing IoT applications, it is evident that many business leaders would want IoT app development services for their organizations.

We have curated a list of top IoT app development companies that are known for their fine services. Let's Dive in!

1. Toobler

Toobler is a premier IoT app development company and aspires to bring a revolution in the digital world. With the experts on board, Toobler guarantees the best quality deliverables that would exceed the client's expectations.

Their offices are located in India, London, North America, and Canada. With the edge-cutting IOT application development services of Toobler, you can take your business to another level.

Key services offered by Toobler

  • IoT app development

  • Web and Mobile app development

  • Cloud-native app development

Employees: 50

Avg Hourly Rate: $29-49/ hour

Locations: US, UK, Canada, India

IoT app development projects undertaken by Toobler

Building World's Versatile IoT Tracker

Users can use this app to track almost everything. To build the robust IoT-based tracking app, Toobler approached the agile methodology by deploying the ThingSpine platform, customizing the platform to associate with the mobile application, and tracking the hardware.

The world's tiniest Bluetooth-based tracking device, 'Tile,' empowers the tracking device.

IoT Based Inventory Management App

Smart Bin is an IOT based inventory management solution to monitor the manufacturing and shipping of commodities.

To build this app, Toobler approached the agile methodology to leverage the ThingSpine platform, customizing the platform to interact with the ERP, suppliers, and twin bins.

2. Cogniteq

Cogniteq is one of the leading oT development companies in the UK. The top priority of Cogniteq's team is to provide the best quality of work by meeting the company standards.

Industry-leading brands like American Express, Audi, McDonald's, Loreal, Burger king are among the few Cogniteq has worked with. Cogniteq caters to Asia, US, and European markets and serves more than 30 countries.

Core services offered by Cogniteq

  • Mobile and web app development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Enterprise application development

Avg rate per hour: $25 - $49 / hr

Employees: 50 - 249

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

IoT app development projects undertaken by Cogniteq

Dog Tracker Nano

Dog Tracker Nano is an IoT application for intelligent GPS dog collars. It is an application that is used to track dogs who may get lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

The developers at Cogniteq offered the solution by splitting the modules into several new units. This approach by Cogniteq developers dramatically enhanced the app's performance and functionality.


Ikawa is a coffee roasting mobile app. Cogniteq's priority while building this app was to create an efficient, functional, and convenient app for coffee enthusiasts. Coffee maniacs would be able to customize the coffee exactly how they prefer.

The app allows the customers to precisely roast the coffee beans, with excellent modules like player profile, recipe library, roast history, sharing recipes, etc. The app is a perfect blessing for people who are crazy about coffee.

3. Softeq

Softeq is a sought-after IoT development company in the USA. Softeq was built from scratch to specialize in tackling arduous issues in the tech sphere. By working with prestigious companies like intel, hp, nvidia, Epson Softeq has added feathers in its cap. Softeq is among those IoT app development companies that strive their hard to create the software from ideas.

Core services offered by Softeq

  • Ux/UI Design

  • Custom software development

  • Early Stage innovation

Avg rate per hour: Undisclosed

Employees: 250-999

Location: Houston, Tx

IoT app development projects undertaken by Softeq

Gantom's DMX Console

This project was about building an android and IOS app that would manage a range of connected lighting devices. The application solution that Softeq created for Gantom allows the users to manage specific properties like color, special effect, brightness, audio stream in real-time.

Mobile App, Web, and Firmware for a Smart Bassinet

This is an intelligent bassinet for millennial parents. Softeq used innovative features like sound sensors to detect the crying in babies and automatically calm down the baby (Well, that's amazing! )

4. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is among the leading IoT app development companies. Konstant can reshape your business exposure with high-end IoT solutions. The IoT application development company has worked with top-tier industry-led companies like NASSCOM, United Nations, Wonder cement, etc.

Avg hourly rate: < $25/hr

Employees: 101-250

Location: USA, UK and India

Core services offered by Konstant Infosolutions

  • Mobile and web app development

  • Software and maintenance

  • Emerging technologies

IoT app development projects undertaken by Konstant Infosolutions


K-bus-cayman is a bus tracking app that serves the residents of the Cayman Islands. The app is built in two modules that cater to both bus passengers and drivers. K-Bus app was created to save time by real-time location tracking.

With the accurate display of bus routes, the passengers can track the buses and ping the drivers so that they know their location.

My Dokita

My Dokita was built to bring revolution in the healthcare and fitness industry. The mobile application connects patients/their families with certified doctors. The app supports video and audio calling and chat channels. The app mainly works on requesting appointments, consulting doctors, and receiving prescription models to digitalize the healthcare industry.

5. Cumulations Technologies

Cumulations Technologies offers the best quality IoT app development services. Their expertise lies in building robust IOS and android apps that are supported by secure cloud-based infrastructures. They have developed various mobile apps leveraging IoT. Their key focus is in providing top-notch internet of things app development services.

Employees: 11-50

Average rate per hour: $25

Location: USA, India

Core services offered by Cumulations Technologies

  • Mobile and app development

  • Cloud and web solutions

  • IoT & AI solutions

IoT app development projects undertaken by Cumulations Technologies

Smart Water Monitor

Walter is a Smart Water Monitor, which is built with edge-cutting technology to monitor the water levels in the tanks and generates accurate consumption analytics. This innovative product can be accessed from anywhere in the world and helps to save the world.

CD One Delivery

CD one caters to audiences of the US and offers wash and fold services. It works on a customized pickup and delivery model. The app also allows group orders from a similar location. This revolutionary app has taken the laundry industry to the next level.

6. Apptunix

Apptunix is among the top names of the IoT app development companies in the USA. It promises to bring innovation to life by developing premier mobile apps. They promise to take the project as their own and ensure satisfactory and timely completion of the undertaken projects.

Employees: 51-250

Avg rate per hour: $25

Location: USA, India

Core services offered by R-Style Lab

  • Web and app development

  • CMS development

  • Web and graphic designs

IoT app development projects undertaken by R-Style Lab


Vrbo is a dominant name in the vacation rental app, which offers a unique space to travelers and connects them with the places they will love. With over 10+ million downloads, this app continues to provide space where they come together from destinations all over the world.


Namshi is Middle East's leading eCommerce fashion store which offers special discounts deals, barcode scanning, in-store navigation, etc., to its buyers. The most prominent fashion online app caters to more than 1.5 million active buyers and has 10M+ downloads

7. HqSoftware Lab

HqSoftware is a trusted IoT application development company that works under the verticals of IoT, AI, VR, finance, banking, video solutions, e-learning, etc.

Since its establishment, HqSoftware has been driven by passionate developers who love to work in the domain of development.

They have undertaken projects from well-known brands like WHO, Skoda, UN, BBC, and many others.

Employees: 51-100

Avg rate per hour: $25-$49

Location: Belarus, USA, Estonia

Core services offered by HqSoftware Lab

  • Web and app development.

  • Custom software development.

  • Software re-engineering

IoT app development projects undertaken by HqSoftware Lab

An Agriculture App to Analyze Soil Composition in Real-Time

Expert developers at HqSoftware ensured the use of agile methodology to streamline and analyze the results of soil composition in real-time. The delivered product is capable of collecting data from more than two million data points with zero downtime.

Web Portal to Record and Analyze Parameters of Pumps

This revolutionized app allows the user to analyze the pumps on the parameters of pH level, running current, pressure, turbidity, fluid levels, etc. All the pumps that were installed on the deposits are accommodated with sensors that record the data in real-time. These sensors are a big part of a robust IoT network that receives the data and stores it in an AWS secure cloud.

8. RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps provides superior IoT app development services in various countries and is headquartered in India. The developers at RippenApps have years of experience in the app development field.

Employees: 51-250

Avg rate per hour: $250

Location: UK, UAE, USA, Australia, India

Core services offered by RipenApps Technologies

  • Web and app development

  • UI & UX design

  • Digital Marketing

IoT app development projects undertaken by RipenApps Technologies


BelleXD is a leading eCommerce platform that provides makeup, wellness, and beauty products. With its magnificent designs and features, BelleXD is a new market sensation in the beauty and wellness platform.


Hanchens is a food ordering app that serves the local taste to the users. RipenApps integrated remarkable features into the app. The team has designed the app for a quick and convenient food ordering process.

9. Waverley Software

Waverley is among the budding IoT app development companies in the USA. They go with an assertive tagline ‘We can’t change the future. The Software we build can.’ The experts working in the company have more than three decades of experience and promise to deliver high-impact products that belong to the future.

Employees: 50-249

Avg rate per hour: $25-$49

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Core services offered by Waverly Technologies

  • Blockchain development

  • Web and mobile development

  • Cybersecurity

IoT app development projects undertaken by Waverley Technologies

Home Automation: embedded development for smart home

This innovative project was for an industry-leading company that wants to transform regular security systems into smart home solutions. With Waverley’s expert development solutions, they delivered the project perfectly. They approached the project with microservices, and the IoT-enabled app supports various devices.

Gridpoint: Ios & Android Apps For Energy Analytics

The app is designed and built native to IoS and android, integrated with the cloud-based platform. Gridpoint is used by billions of customers across 11,000 cities.

10. Guarana Technologies

Guarana is a team of tightly knit experts searching for the latest standards. Guarana is among the best IoT app development companies in Canada. They have curated several projects in the IoT domain and have in-depth expertise in the latest technologies.

Employees: 10-49

Avg rate per hour: $100-$149

Location: Toronto, Canada

Core services offered by Guarana Technologies

  • Web and IoT app development

  • UX/UI services

  • AR/VR app development

IoT app development projects undertaken by Guarana Technologies


SpyPoint is an intelligent animal recognition app that works on a high-quality build. This app promises greatness with authentic designs and the best user experience. The app is supported by Android and IoS devices with geolocation features.


Raden is a Bluetooth-enabled app that empowers better travel. It is created to smartly determine the weight of the luggage by pairing it with Bluetooth. Raden is an award-winning mobile application for smart travelers.

Wrapping it up!

To thrive in this dynamic business world, adopting an IoT application can be a great solution to enhance your business. Not only will IoT drive in more sales, but it will also amplify the buyer's shopping experience.

These were the best IoT app development companies, and you could hire their services for more incredible benefits in your business.